The Video Call Center protects its unique technology and creative content through patents, trademarks, copyright, and maintenance of its trade secrets.


US Patent 9,654,731 was granted in May 2017, expanding coverage of the VCC’s unique system for creating video caller-based television. This significant addition to the VCC’s patent portfolio, which now includes 120 claims.

US Patent 8,767,031 “Video Call Center” was granted VCC in 2014. The patent covers foundational utility, systems, and process aspects for internet protocol video within video programming.

US Patent Application 20140317508 covers additional utility, system, and process aspects of Video Call Center.

The People’s Republic of China granted Patent #ZL 201380050976 to the Video Call Center for its technologies designed for TV production, particularly the management of multiple connections with video callers who use their own smartphones, laptops and PCs.  This first Chinese patent was granted in 2019.

Additional published and unpublished patents are pending in the United States and other countries.

Trade Secrets

During its decade of research and live production incorporating video calls, The VCC has amassed a substantial amount of expertise and Trade Secrets related to reliably acquiring, quality checking, and controlling IP video connections from smartphones, pads, laptops, and PCs and creating video programs from that content and other sources such as video clips and stills.

Copyrights & Trademarks

The VCC team has created a large volume of copyrighted software and video content.

Smartphones Make Smart Television®, Caller Queue®, Caller Cloud®, Talk Center America®, HAT® (Host Assistive Technology), CAT® (Caller Acquisition Technology), and Caller Queue®, and Talk Center America® are registered trademarks of The Video Call Center, LLC.