Smartphones Make LEARN MORE Smart Television®

Reliable 2-way remotes from any of 4 billion
smartphones, using patented processes
and expert "call producing".


What does the

VCC offer?

Reliable Remotes by Smartphone

Caller Cloud provides optimized remotes by smartphone connecting VCC’s expert call producers directly to a client’s control room. Remote contributors receive hyper-low latency video return & IFB mix-minus. Using apps native to the device, no downloads needed–speeding connections and reducing confusion.

Managing Remote Contributors

Caller Queue® is a show-branded waiting area for callers wishing to get on-air. Supporting a virtually unlimited number of callers, the system provides producers the visibility to know who is waiting, what they are interested in talking about and prioritize the people and subjects they want on the air.

Automated Production Services

VCC’s HAT®, host automation technology, lets producers create an entire, broadcast quality program without a conventional control room. HAT lets the host drive the whole show including remotes, clips, graphics, lower thirds, bumps and spots, all while being able to look at the camera.


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Product Highlight EavesDrop™

The First Fully-Automated Workflow for Recording Video Calls

Recordings begin and end instantly with every video call – ensuring a record, and making top and tail easy to find. Saving record space as well as labor.

Return window and controls are removed via VCC’s CMP software.
Multiple Recordings – Both the remote participant and the host can be automatically recorded, so that interview questions can be included in the final edit.

Filenames automatically include Date, Time and Subject Name to make each EavesDrop record easy to find.

EavesDrop is compatible with a wide variety of third-party high-speed transfer apps such as Latakoo, Aspera, Signiant and MASV which can be used to ingest files into edit suites.

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